Dear Past and future Me

hey past me!

I am doing very well spiritually right now! Might change who knows but its good so far so thanks for asking!

haha and yes I am still figuring thing out…sadly I still do not know what to do but what changed is my purpose for living! So I hope I can have a career where I can just be a vessel for the Lord!

wow….. Past Caroline that sounds really tough…

Can I tell you something?

People don’t matter girl…. Those people that look at you with those eyes… Are they going to take responsibility for you and your future? Definitely not. They don’t care… You really gotta stop putting your hopes into people…. They will fail you. And with every hurtful thing that they say, they’re not going to take your feelings into consideration.

but they don’t know you so they must not have a very accurate judgement of you, am I right?

you’re not that much younger right now…how long ago did you write to me?

you wrote to me only 3 months ago

wow….. Only 3 months ago…


so much has changed since 3 months ago….


Caroline…. 3 months later after you wrote me this letter everything has changed…

you, your purpose, your goals, your lifestyle, your perspective… Your life.

Caroline, yes. The gossip sucks

I mean it still does… It still happens and it will never stop until the day he returns

but just know. You’re different now and many good things did happen over the past few months

in fact….. Everything good has been happening….

God has been changing your life girl….

God has changed you and he has given you the gift of Faith.

Stay strong fighter and keep fighting the good fight.


Dear Future me

What have you learned?

What obstacles did you face?

anything interesting and new I should know?

did you figure out a career path?

did you fall in love yet?

did you find a man of God to lead you?

Hows your faith?

do you think you’ve grown?

did you become a member at church yet?

did you actually follow through and join praise team?

do you still look up to that person?

have you had any panic attack since today?

any new discovery about yourself ??

haha omg im just so excited to hear what you have to tell me!!

you’re always stronger and wiser after each letter

I love you and you’re doing good, stay strong and keep looking towards him girl

XOXO Caroline





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