I don’t even know where to start.

How can it be that almost everything you do shines with the holy spirit?

How can you obey so willingly and easily? 

To the point where you push others to strive for that love without even “pushing” us to do so.

How can it be that you stay in the background unseen from the center and yet God’s glory overflows from you?

I have never felt so much of God’s presence in one person.

It just comes off of you, like a contagious vibe that allows others to witness the work of God in you.

This is the work of God that you willingly let him take control of your life and Gosh Darn it,

It is so dang admirable

I’ve witnessed the real work of God in you and strangely that was enough to give me support… 

Your characters are molded in God’s new refined desires in you and I can’t help but just stand in awe at how powerful and great our Lord is.

To make his people so strong and well equipped.


You are truly an awesome God.

What I admire about this person is You.


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