To future me pt1

Hey, seriously though, it doesn’t matter where you are right now
If you’re still figuring things out
I hope you’re doing good up there in the future spiritually

It sucks here in the present a little…
People are saying I’m nothing [again like the past]
That I’m going nowhere [lol when do they not]

People my age are graduating this year and I’m still at my last year at the 2 year college.
Everyone tells me I’m still young and its okay but they all look at me with those eyes.

I’m sure you know how heartbroken I was because of this breakup but recently I’ve been doing okay, much better in fact
and even though a few family members tell me he did it for his parents because he also didn’t think I was good enough and didn’t really like me that much, I know deep inside that he was a nice guy.

Who knows if that’s what he really thought
I honestly cant say for sure,
but its okay because its over now

and even though I heard people are Gossiping about me at church,
I’ve realized that I’ve matured because it doesn’t bother me anymore

They can say and think whatever they want,
I’m still going to go to that church and live my life

Talk to you soon,
can’t wait to tell you some good news when they come up


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